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Equalizador Ashly Mqx-2310 31 Bandas P/Canal

Equalizador Ashly Mqx-2310 31 Bandas P/Canal

EQUALIZADOR ASHLY MQX-2310 31 BANDAS P/CANAL   Features : ? 1% Tolerance Components for Precise Filter Accuracy ? Precision Wein-bridge filters ? Constant ?Q? design ? Switchable Boost/Cut Range of ±6 or ±15 dB ? 25mm, Detented Metal Sh...

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? 1% Tolerance Components for Precise Filter Accuracy
? Precision Wein-bridge filters
? Constant ?Q? design
? Switchable Boost/Cut Range of ±6 or ±15 dB
? 25mm, Detented Metal Shaft Faders
? 18dB/Octave High Pass Filters
? Signal Present and Clip LEDs
? Balanced Inputs
? Servo-balanced Outputs
? XLR, TRS and Euroblock Connections
? Universal 100?240VAC Internal Power Supply
? Rider friendly

? Monitor Systems
? FOH Sound Systems
? DJ Systems
? Installations Requiring Fixed EQ
? Recording/Broadcast Studios


MQX Series graphic equalizers are available in two configurations. The MQX-2150 features two channels of 15-band 2/3-octave equalization and the MQX-2310 with two channels of 31-band 1/3-octave EQ. MQX equalizers follow our popular GQX series with the same quality you expect from Ashly, only in a smaller package. Where most "mini-equalizers" use 20mm faders, Ashly uses custom built, professional quality 25mm faders for maximum resolution and long life. The center detented position is utilized as an "on/off" switch for that filter which minimizes any possible degradation in signal noise levels.

Both models have a high-pass filter that can be used to supplement the frequency response by rolling off low end response to eliminate subsonic interference like wind noise, floor rumble, and boomy microphone pops. The MQX-2310's is fixed at 40Hz with an 18dB/octave switchable from the front panel and the MQX-2150's is a fixed, internally switched 18dB/octave at 20Hz. A 6dB or 15dB range of filter boost or cut is selectable from the front panel.

Like the GQX models, our MQX equalizers are designed to be significantly quiet without the need for noise reduction to be built into the equalizer circuit. Double-sided circuit boards and an extensive ground plane design are used in the filter sections to improve RFI and electrostatic immunity. Precision Wein-Bridge filters and carefully designed summing amplifiers combine to provide extremely accurate response, low noise, negligible distortion, and complete immunity to magnetic fields. All filters exhibit true constant "Q" response with no broadening near the "flat" setting. High slew-rate circuitry throughout the signal path results in clean, quiet, transparent sound. Ashly's unique "T-Beam" front panel construction eliminates interconnections between the faders and the filters, resulting in a very rugged and rigid front panel.

Input and output connections include locking XLR, 1/4" TRS and Euroblock. Ashly's servo-balanced output circuitry maintains unity gain even if pins 2 or 3 are connected directly to ground.


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